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Man locks himself indoors for almost 60 years to avoid having contact with women ‬(Video)

A 71-year-old man has caused a buzz online after isolating himself from society for half a century for an unusual reason.

He made a decision to lock himself inside his house when he was 16 years old so that he would not have any contact with a women.

Man lock self 55 years

The man managed to stay indoors for 55 years until he was discovered by a team from Afrimax TV who shared his story.

The septuagenarian built a makeshift house for himself deep in the forest where he chose to live without even his family, friends or relatives knowing of his whereabouts.

Man avoid women 55 years

In a video making the rounds online, he could be seen lying down in his small bamboo-designed house which he has not come out of since he went in.

Watch video below:‬

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