Yoruba market women lament hardship, high cost of food, vow to beat Tinubu up one-on-one

Yoruba market women in Ogun State say the government of president Bola Tinubu has brought nothing but excruciating pain and unbearable hardship to the people.

The livid traders said the poorly conceived and haphazardly implemented policies promulgated by Tinubu have further plunged Nigerians into the abyss of poverty as they negatively affect the prices of goods.

The lamentation and exasperation of the hapless market women was contained in a viral video shared by an X user, Somto Okonkwo, on Tuesday and seen by Within Nigeria.

The market women speaking to a Sugarlink Concepts reporter in their local dialect, expressing their disappointment and discontent as they lamented the soaring prices of goods in the country.

They said the rising cost of living engendered by the economic hardship has eroded the purchasing power of the people and push the prices of hitherto affordable staple food items beyond their reach.

The traders who said Tinubu disappointed Nigerians, particularly the Yorubas, threatened to beat the president.

“He’s not behaving like a Yoruba man; he has disappointed us in Yoruba land,” another elderly woman stated.

A fish seller said, “As things are now, we’re tired. A carton of sardine is N100,000.”

Another trader appealed to the president to have mercy on Nigerians, saying, “We’re tired of Nigeria; everything is costly, everything is getting costly every day.”

An elderly woman who also voiced her displeasure with the current administration lamented that several Nigerians starved to death over Mr Tinubu’s economic policies.

“Countless people are being killed because of food, we don’t see food to eat, the elderly that are dying are too much,” she lamented.

Asked what they would tell the president if they had the opportunity to see him, one of the traders threatened, “We will beat him up, the president.”

The trader added, “What he promised us is not what’s happening now. This is too much.”

A plantain seller, who also urged Mr Tinubu to find a solution to the hardship, lamented that traders made losses due to the high cost of petrol.

“Things are too costly; we’re tired,” another fish seller grumbled. “A carton of Titus is N100,000; it used to cost N17,000. Kote is going to N60,000. Shawa, which we used to sell for N70, now goes for N700. Garri, that used to be N50, is now N700.”

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