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(Watch) Pastor asks congregation to raise their phones, commands money to enter their bank accounts

A viral video which has stirred mixed reactions online captures the moment a pastor prayed for money to miraculously enter the bank accounts of members of his church.

He instructed the congregants during a retreat to raise their smartphones up high and commanded that their respective accounts be filled with funds.

The clergyman went on to mention some popular Nigerian banks and commanded the accounts to ‘receive miracle money”.

Some of them also brought out their ATM cards and were lifting it up with the hopes that the pastor’s prayers will come to fruition.

In response to his prayers, the church members screamed Amen, in a resounding manner while their hands were in the air firmly holding their mobile phones.

Watch the video below:

@Mzwayne007; Well, they said Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen????‍♀️

@Alex_Houseof308; ???? normally, na this kind time GTB go con send alert, you go rush check am see say na debit for “sms charges”

@lifeofolaa; Me at the prayer ground when I see alert, but it’s sms charges debit ????

@iamkingstev; He commands money to enter their phone through thin air by spoken words but his own offering and tithes will be physically dropped in a box ????

@Saodami1; Faith isn’t by what you see, it’s a combination of hope and prayer that will surely be repaid through hard work. I am sure these guys aren’t the idle type, they are just accepting the prophecy. ????

@iamthepreence; To be honest, Bible is complete. But you see all those pastors are brainwashing their congregation. Bible said “faith without work is dead” and also said “my people suffer because of lack of wisdom”. Nigeria suffer because of use of religion.

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