US will hold Iran ‘accountable’ for providing military support to Russia and Hamas – Biden warns

US President, Joe Biden used his address to the American people on Thursday night, October 19, to warn Iran it would be held accountable for supporting both Russia and Hamas.

The 80-year-old tied the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel together during his speech saying ‘we can’t let terrorists like Hamas and Putin win.’

Biden noted that Iran was providing military support to both Russia and the terrorist group, Hamas who launched a devastating attack on Israel on October 8 killing 1400 people.

‘Iran is supporting Russia in Ukraine and it’s supporting Hamas and other terrorist groups in the region,’ Biden said. 

‘We’ll continue to hold them accountable, I might add.’

President Biden pleaded with Congress to pass what’s expected to be $100billion in new funding, a request being resisted by lots of Congressional Republicans who are wary of giving any new money to Ukraine.

Seated at the Resolute Desk, Biden argued in his 15-minute address that Russian President Vladimir Putin and the terror group Hamas, responsible for the bloody October 7 on Israel ‘represent different threats’ but share a common goal.

‘They both want to completely annihilate a neighboring democracy,’ he said.

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