Terrorists still haven’t Release Abuja-Kaduna abducted passengers, even after After Receiving 30 of their Detained Members

Terrorists Group that attacked and abduct Abuja-Kaduna train passengers have compromised the agreement they had with the federal government to release the captive passengers despite the authorities keeping their side of the bargain.

Train with the number AK9 operated by the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) was attacked on Monday, March 28 between Katari and Rijana in Kaduna.

Recall that the Terrorists killed over10 people and kidnapped about 63; tho many half have been freed with the fate of others still pending.

The terrorists now appear to have kicked out of the promise to release the passengers.

Their leadership set up a prisoner swap negotiations that saw the release of 30 terrorists from the custody of security agencies.

An agent from the intelligence operative told PRNigeria that the government has taken every possible move, except payment of ransom , to get the citizens out of captivity.

A source explained that the negotiations is the best options as a military operation would cause collateral damages.

“Apart from compromising the agreement, they are releasing the victims in a way we dont understand, batch by batch.

“They terrorists group are deceiving victims’ families and manipulating the situation, while other elements are manipulating and making things worse on same situation for political gains.

“We are not allowed and dont want to strike because of the fear of causing more damages that could trigger massive outcry by rights activists and the media”, the official said.


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