Skit-makers are making over $20,000 monthly – Comedian Kamo

Nigerian social media comedian, Akinyoola Ayoola, popularly known as Kamo, has revealed that there are skit-makers who make more than $20,000 per month.

He made the revelation in an interview while talking about how lucrative skit-making is, adding that the craft may soon be added to University courses that people study.

Kamo, who has 436,000 followers on Instagram, also disclosed that he is working on launching an academy that will focus on teaching content creation to interested persons.

The social media personality, said; “Very soon, people would start studying comedy in the university. There are some skit makers that make $20,000 a month, while some make even more. There are only few professions that would pay one that much. To be a part of the future in Nigeria, I am working on an academy that would be solely dedicated to content creation.”

The content creator also highlighted the major challenges they face in the industry, such as lack finance, cinematography and fear of rejection.

“One of the biggest challenges in content creation is the cinematography aspect. Sometimes, one could have a particular picture of how one wants the content to look like, but one might not be able to achieve that without the right cinematographer. Also, one cannot completely control the job of the cinematographer. One cannot determine what they should add or remove. They might also not get the kind of sound that would go well with the content.

Finance is also a part of the problem. The more money one has, the better content one would be able to create. Right now, I can create a cinema movie, but the only limitation I have is money.

There is also the fear of not being accepted. Sometimes, one creates fun contents and still have little engagement. It would seem like nobody wants to comment and share the post. Sometimes, I wonder why a video that has 100,000 views would not have up to 5,000 comments. Whether good or bad, skit makers always want to know what viewers think about their works,” Kamo said.

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