People burst into laughter as coffin seller asks prophet to make his business flourish again (Video)

A Nigerian prophet was thrown off balance when a man who sells coffins asked him to pray for God to make his business succeed.

The clergyman was having a deliverance session in church when he called out a church member named Kingsley Eze and made attempts to reveal what was happening in the man’s life.

In a video which has gone viral online, he said Kingsley was crying and asked him if there was a time his business was booming and he answered affirmatively, saying that he was doing well at a time but he’s struggling now and would like to bounce back.

He asked the man what he would like God to do for him and he requested for special prayers so that he can start selling again, to which he was asked what he does and he revealed that he sells caskets, causing the church to erupt in laughter and murmurs.

The pastor who was shocked and in disbelief asked him for confirmation sake if his casket business was truly booming in the past. Despite the laughs, the cleric asked members of the congregation to be ready to pray for the man so that he can start flourishing again.

Watch the video below:

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