Lagos lovers kill each other during fight over separation

One Adebayo Adeseko and his girlfriend, Sarah Adesanya, have died after a brutal fighting in their apartment in Lagos.

The incident, which happened in Ojodu, Ikeja local government area of Lagos State, was confirmed by the police.

The news has sent a shockwave across the locality as residents were rattled by the incident.

The cause of the fight that happened on Sunday morning between the two lovers could not be ascertained as residents remarks on the incident indicated their scant knowledge of what transpired.

However, it was gathered that the lovers had been having heated confrontation since the previous day before their corpses were found in their apartment the following day.

In a short video shared by a resident, identified simply as Lawal, the bodies of the yet-to-be-identified boyfriend and girlfriend were seen lying motionless in a pool of their own blood on the floor in their apartment

The deceased male on a brown top and native shorts was lying at the entrance of the door while the female was seen facing the ground as she lay inside the apartment.

The parents of the lady were aware the lovers had been having disagreements, Punch quoted a source in the Ojodu Division of the state police command as saying, opining that the incident may not be unconnected to the lady’s decision to jilt the man.

The policeman said, “It’s a matter of a boyfriend and girlfriend. According to people who are close to them, the girl said she was not interested again. The guy was like, ‘After wasting my whole time, and you say you are not doing again?’ The parents confirmed they have been having issues. The dad confirmed that the guy beat the lady up last week and he called them to settle the matter, and the guy promised not to touch her again, but just today, we met the dead bodies inside one room.”

He noted the corpses had been evacuated

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