If i see you one on one, you’ll see what I’ll do to you – Actor Charles Okocha and Portable Clash again

Nollywood actor Charles Okocha, has taken to Instagram to threaten Portable after the singer accused him of ‘ripping him off’ some money.

Portable claimed Okocha collected 40 million naira from some promoters for a show/endorsement in Abuja which he was invited for. He said Okocha paid him 5 million which he says is too small compared to how much Okocha got.

He asked Okocha to add more money, calling him a thief for giving him 5 million out of the 40 million.

Reacting to the accusation, Okocha said he was the one that got the deal and only invited Portable as his guest. He said he flew Portable in from Lagos to Abuja and after the promotion, gave him N5,000,000 as his cut.

He said they didn’t sign any agreement so he gave Portable what he deemed fit, as he was the one in charge.  He then warned the singer to stop talking about him, threatening to give him a serious beating if they meet one on one.

Responding, Portable asked Okocha to come and meet him in Sango or some place in Lagos, as he’s prepared to fight the actor. He then called Okocha a thief who collected on his behalf but ripped him off.

If i see you one on one, you
If i see you one on one, you
If i see you one on one, you

Social media users have however said it’s a publicity stunt planned by both entertainers.

Credit: LIB

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