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I brushed my teeth 6 times before my first kissing scene – Tiwa Savage on Nollywood debut

Nigerian singer, songwriter and actress, Tiwa has opened up about the preparation she subjected herself to, for her first kissing scene in her first-ever movie.

The music star who made her acting debut in ‘Water and Garri’ a movie she produced, revealed that she had to brush her teeth several times for the scene of her kissing an actor.

I brushed my teeth 6 times to prepare for first kissing scene - Tiwa

Tiwa spoke at length about the love scenes, what drew her to the storyline and whether she will appear in future films while granting an interview on BET Talks.

She said; “I love the story. I love the story of coming back. I love the story of finding yourself again. It’s not such a happy ending, but then, in life, you don’t always have happy endings. So, I loved that. And then I loved that it had a love twist to it. All of those elements were just very beautiful to me.”

The ‘All Over’ crooner also talked about how she sometimes forgot she and her co-star were not dating, and how it was bizarre when her real-life boyfriend was on set.

According to Tiwa, her first day on set was also her first kissing scene and she brushed her teeth about six times in the dressing room.

In her words; “I have a love interest in this movie and sometimes, if we’re like on set, I’d have to remember “that is not your boyfriend Tiwa” [laughs]. You need to calm down. And then my real-life boyfriend at the time would come on set and I would be like “what is he doing here?” [laughs]. We’re not together anymore though, so he can hear this.

The first day on set I had was my kissing scene. I’m glad it was my first day because I just went right into it. I remember in my dressing room, I brushed my teeth like five, six times because I was like I need to represent. But, he was very lovely. All of the cast was. They were really really nice.”

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