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Guy taken to church for deliverance captured rolling weed during mass (Video)

A Nigerian man has been captured on tape rolling marijuana (weed) during an ongoing mass in a Catholic Church.

He was reported taken to church fro deliverance from his addiction, however, he did not seem ready to change as he began preparing to smoke weed in church.

A man who sat behind him could be heard expressing disbelief because a man who was taken to church to be delivered ended up doing the same thing that made his family seek spiritual help.

He could be seen wrapping the weed while a reverend father was administering Holy Communion to other parishioners.

”See who dem carry come church for deliverance, e dey church dey rap igbo,” the man recording said.

Watch the video below:
In other news An elderly woman is making waves on social media after she was captured on camera rolling a joint like an expert at a social event.
The mama who was an attendee at a party, left other guests staring at her in silent awe as she rolled the weed with ease.

She did not seem bothered about people looking at her or if anyone would criticise her for the action.
Watch the video HERE

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