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Father Bans Children From Watching Cartoons After Son’s Injury While Mimicking Batman

Benedict, the father of Sylvester Nnanna, has banned watching cartoons by his children after his son almost lost one of his eyes while mimicking a popular cartoon, Batman.

Four-year-old Nnanna reportedly got injured when he missed his steps while jumping from one cushion to the other in their house.

“He would return from school and be demonstrating the acrobats of Batman actors,” says his father, a resident in Enugu. “He started watching cartoons very early in life, and we thought we were using it to control him.

“Recently, he began to dress as a fighter. It was like a play, but today, being Saturday, I returned home and saw our parlour dotted with blood stains. It was gory, and when I saw him wearing a blood stained t-shirt and a swollen face, I asked him what happened. He said he fell down while imitating Batman actors. It was so bad that I had to take him to hospital. He was lucky that the cut didn’t affect his eye. It was only his eyelid.

“For now, I have banned watching cartoons in my house till further notice. This is an eye-opener. I now realize why some kids are reported to shoot guns at their peers in developed countries where guns are licensed with ease. They are simply imitating what they watch. I advise parents to observe what their kids watch.”

The victim said, “I like Batman because it teaches me how to fight and defend myself. I didn’t want to injure myself when I fell. I wanted to fall like one of the actors that I was watching, but I hit my eye on the door. I wanted to fall, but not to wound myself.

” I didn’t want my dad to know I watch Batman. When he is around, I watch Jimjam. But when he is not around, I watch Batman. He taught me how to operate the remote control, but warned me never to watch another channel except Jimjam and Kiddies. But I like Batman. I will not watch it again.”

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