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EPL: New VAR guidelines introduced following Tottenham vs Liverpool Controversy

The Premier League has introduced new video assistant referee (VAR) guidelines.

They will be introduced immediately following Luis Diaz’s disallowed goal as Liverpool lost 2-1 at Tottenham.

The Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) later admitted that a “significant human error” had taken place.

Darren England, who was on VAR duties for the game, mistakenly thought that the goal had been awarded by the on-field team so quickly said “check complete” to confirm that Diaz was onside.

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But the on-field team took that to mean that their original call of offside had been correct and play restarted, prompting a massive furore afterwards.

PGMOL has now noted that the fresh guidance will “enhance the clarity of communication between the referee and the VAR team in relation to on-field decisions”.

VARs will now confirm the outcome of the checking process with the assistant VAR before confirming the final decision to the on-field officials, to prevent a repeat of what happened with Diaz.

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