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China to help Nigeria tackle Farmers-herders clash – Envoy

The Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Cui Jianchun, announced the development on Friday during a tour of the China-aid Nigeria Agricultural Demonstration Centre project in Abuja.

The Chinese government says it will assist Nigeria in finding a lasting solution to farmers and herders’ clashes.

Jianchun said that China is ready to set up a twin demonstration technological centre for the production of livestock feeds.

According to the Ambassador, he will be meeting with the Nigerian government for a site for the project.

With this, the country will be able to produce feeds for its cattle thereby, curbing farmers and herders frequent clashes.

Jianchun said, “I am planning to talk to the FCT Minister, Mohammed Bello, to give us 20 hectares of land to build a twin-hall technology.

“We will use this technology to grow mushrooms for food to feed the cattles. We feed the people and then the animals. This will help curb between herders and farmers.

“We are ready from the Chinese side to bring the farmers to the demonstration centre to train them on technology.”

Speaking on the importance of China-aid Nigeria Agricultural Demonstration Centre project, the envoy said, “Food is security that everyone needs. Without Agriculture, the whole country cannot be stable. Every year in Chinese document in the front page, it is about farmers, and agriculture.

“I hope that this project is a starting point that the two nations can work together to bring more investment from international communities. We could solve food insecurity issues.”

He further stressed the need for mechanization of the country’s agriculture sector.

He said, “We need mechanisation in Agriculture. We have different kinds of machines from China such as harvesters, cultivating machines, etc which is very good for Nigeria’s business. I think there is need to expand this cooperation.

“We need technology in the development of Agriculture. So I think that this demonstration centre can really perform such. Also, this project is also called the ‘friendship’ project. We believe that Nigeria needs this kind of demonstration centre to cultivate more talented experts, technicians etc to improve our agricultural sector.”

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