Backlash as Nigerian Agencies Sign MoU in Dubai

Social media is abuzz with criticism as the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) and the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) face backlash for signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Dubai. The CEOs of both agencies, Ahmad Salihjo of REA and Khalil Halilu of NASENI, were pictured signing the MoU during the ongoing Conference of Parties (COP28) in the UAE.

The MoU aims to facilitate collaboration between the agencies for the electrification of rural and underserved areas in Nigeria. It also includes objectives such as sharing knowledge, data, and information related to rural electrification and promoting renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and biomass in rural electrification.

Criticism from social media users centred around the agencies choosing to sign the agreement in Dubai instead of in Abuja, where their headquarters are located. Comments expressed dissatisfaction with what some perceived as unnecessary spending of resources and questioned the decision to sign the MoU abroad.

Some of the comments on social media include remarks about the agencies wasting money, extravagant behaviour, and scepticism about the necessity of signing such agreements in foreign locations. The criticism also extended to questioning the clarity and effectiveness of the agencies’ plans and initiatives.

This backlash highlights public concerns about accountability, transparency, and the efficient use of resources by government agencies, prompting discussions on social media platforms.

Following the post, some Nigerians knocked both agencies for not signing the agreement in Abuja, where their headquarters are.

Below are some of such comments:

@OkeStalyf said: “You people must be m&d because what’s this nonsense? How do two agencies with HQ in Abuja go to Dubai to sign contract?”

@gabriel_bolatit wrote: “Confused set of people this to show they are working or what do they want to achieve with this charade? You guys are based in Abuja but Dubai is the place for MOU.”

@McShaffy: “Different clothes, same folks! Imagine wasting time, energy and the resources that are not there. I still don’t know how you think. Till date you have not given a definitive plan for NASENI. Like by 2024 we would be selling our own bread.”

@zharadenmaiyaki: “the art of wasting money in Nigeria by Nigerians have to be studied. youth older men there’s no difference everyone’s just extravagant.”

@EagleRye: “Lol. 2 Nigerians agencies go all the way to dubai to “sign contract”. And not even a serious contract o, something as vague as the nonsense in the objectives. Only explanation is SCAM! Its a pipeline. Useless @officialEFCC take note.”

@efa23101: “Two agencies with HQ in Abuja went abroad to sign an MoU? Am I missing something or missing out on something?”

@ChuksBrunoOk: “And you had to go to Dubai to do the signing. When you lots have depleted the commonwealth of the nation I believe you will be satisfied then until then keep at it.”

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