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2024 will be a glorious Year for Nigerians – First Lady Tinubu

At the State House, Oluremi Tinubu, the wife of the President, shared a hopeful message, anticipating a glorious year ahead for Nigerians in 2024.

She conveyed this sentiment during her Christmas message following a heartwarming Christmas party she hosted for the children of Nana Berry Orphanage in Abuja.

She also advised parents to continue to give hope to their wards, saying: “As we go into the year 2024, our message should be how to transform the lives of the young ones.

“Whoever we are, we should stop talking about poverty in front of our children; we are not a poor nation; the wealthy ones should also take care of the poor ones and make them wealthy; that is all it takes.

“We have taken the issue of poverty out of context and it is really polluting the hearts of the young ones, but we have to give them hope and show them the life that is positive.

“We are entering a glorious year and those who believe that it is going to be glorious will enjoy it.”

Mrs Tinubu, during the party, told the children a Bible story and advised parents to also imbibe the habit of teaching their children good morals for them to become great adults.

She continued: “Parents are supposed to tell the children Christmas stories; that is what we all grow up with. For this year’s Christmas, we have decided to change the trajectory of what Christmas represents in the State House.

“For us in this dispensation, we have to adopt a home per year; next year, another orphanage home would come so that the children can have a sense of well-being and give them a sense of belonging.

“They are all Nigerians; as you can see, they all have dreams like every one of us; bringing them here is for them to know that nothing is impossible; they too can become the person whom God will put in place of power like this.”

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