14-year-old missing Kano boy found in Togo after 2 months

A 14-year-old boy, who was declared missing by his parents in Hotoro Quarters in Kano, Kano State, has been found in the Republic of Togo after two months.

According to Freedom Radio, Kano, the missing boy was found alongside another boy, also from Nigeria, roaming on a street in Togo, looking for food.

They were said to have been found through a famous Nigerian selling food in Togo, Hajiya Maijidda Mai Abinci, who said they were brought to her by some people because they said they were from Nigeria.

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Hajiya Mai Abinci said, “When I asked how they came here, they said they were from Ghana. They told me that a woman secretly whisked them away from Nigeria and took them to Ghana. They were begging for her on the streets. Later she decided to release them and they found themselves in Togo.”

She said they were now kept in Togo under her care and that she decided to reach out to Nigerians to look for their parents.

She further said, “Especially the small one, it is not possible to say that he is not under the care of his parents. That was why I decided to reach out for his parents.”

The boy’s father appreciated Hajiya Mai Abinci and begged people to help him as he didn’t have the means to pay for transportation to get his son back.

He said, “We suffered so much all these two months, no sleep, no peace of mind. But we thank God that he was found alive and healthy.”

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