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Young lady cries out as husband blocks her after traditional marriage

A young lady has lamented about her inability to reach her spouse after their traditional marriage due to a misunderstanding.

Sharing her story online, the woman confessed that she refused to follow her husband home after the traditional wedding because she planned to move in permanently after the white wedding.

The woman said that after their wedding, she went to see him one weekend, and they got into a fight over her unwillingness to move in with him. She said that after leaving, she discovered her husband had blocked her and that she had made vain attempts to contact him.

Sharing her story via Godly Marriage and Relationship on Facebook, she wrote;

“Pls I need some advice, I have a fiance we are married traditionally, we are not living together, but I always go to his place every weekend.

“So last two weekends I was there so we had a little misunderstanding so I left his house, After getting home. I called him to inform him of my arrival at my place as usual but he gave me an unpleasant response.

“So since then, I call him again the next day but no response, he didn’t call back, I chat him up no reply, now he has blocked me on social media I can’t reach him to communicate. Pls, advise me on what to do next pls.”

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