WoW! Soldier storms hospital with colleagues to surprise nurse wife on her birthday (video)

A Nigerian military officer has shown that outside being on the frontline and fighting for the country, they can also be romantic.

The man paid a surprise visit to the hospital where his wife works as a nurse to mark her birthday in a lovely way.

He carried some flowers and went along with some of his colleagues and they all wore their official uniform.

A video making the rounds online showed the moment the Army men and the nurse’s colleagues planned on how to surprise her.

They ushered the women into a room where her husband hid behind the door and as soon as she entered, they immediately started singing happy birthday song while a Saxophonist played lovely tunes.

When the nurse turned back and saw her hubby looking radiant in his uniform with a bouquet of flowers in his hand, she was overwhelmed with emotions and tried running into the room she came out of, but she was stopped by a colleague.

She covered her face coyly as everyone cheered and continued to sing, then she moved closer to her husband. She hugged him and locked lips while still battling with how he was able to plan all that for her.

Watch the video below:


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