[World-News] Ranking: Top 10 cleanest countries in Africa (2021)


This article contains a list of top 10 cleanest countries in Africa.

People love a clean and healthy environment. However, there are lots of countries around the globe that are faced with an assortment of pollution types. Such towns and cities are filled with refuse, excessively polluted water, unhealthy air, and poorly installed sewage systems.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of countries in each continent, including Africa, that are healthy, clean, green, and unpolluted. Below is a list of the top 10 cleanest countries in Africa.

10. Namibia

EPA score 40.2

Namibia is a country in southern Africa.

The country’s president has personally joined the drive to make it clean and attractive again.

Its capital, once Africa’s cleanest city, is now the fourth cleanest city on the continent.

The Namibians are expected to go out into their communities and clean up. The initiative is further aimed at raising awareness of cleaning regulations.

9. Botswana

EPA score of 40.4

The story of Botswana is fascinating. The country went from the second poorest country in the world to one of the richest in Africa.

The country strives economically, but it has also become one of the cleanest in Africa.

The streets are clean and orderly. Unlike the post-colonial case of so many African capitals, things work here, and they work well.

8. Morocco

EPA of 42.3

In 2019, the EPA score of Morocco was the highest EPA score and was the cleanest country in Africa but fast forward to 2021, the country has fallen down to number 8 cleanest African country.

Morocco takes this position as the eighth cleanest nation in Africa because of numerous reasons like, good water, the presence of fresh air, and attempts by the government and its citizens to keep the country clean.

7. South Africa

The EPA score of 43.1

When it comes to beauty and development south Africa is one of the best in Africa.

Another thing the government of South Africa is constantly improving on is its cleanliness despite its growing population.

South Africa is beautiful and clean, and some of its cities, such as Cape Town, are considered one of the most beautiful cities globally, with an EPA score of 43.1.

South Africa is currently the seventh cleanest country in Africa and the 95th in the world.

6. Egypt

EPA score of 43.3.

Egypt is one of the most visited countries in Africa.

Despite having a substantial population, Egypt has managed to keep its cleanliness. It has a good score and wastewater management, good air pollution control, and good resource management.

5. Algeria

EPA score of 44.8.

Algeria has long struggled to combat water pollution problems by fighting polluters.

Several laws have been enacted to protect the environment and natural resources.

This constant work has helped Algeria grab the second water in this nation, and with the great efforts being put in, there is good hope for the future.

Algeria is the fifth cleanest country in Africa.

4. Mauritius

EPA score for 45.1

Mauritius topped the charts in several aspects in Africa.

It has the second most powerful passport in the world. Some of Africa’s best beaches, the best African country to do business, and many more.

But one thing that makes the country even more attractive is how clean the country is with an EPA score 45.1.

Mauritius is currently the third-largest country in Africa and the 81st in the world.

Its pristine beaches and clean streets will make you fall in love with the country

3. Gabon

EPA score 45.8.

Most of you will probably be shocked to see Gabon on this list. But the truth is Gabon has worked extremely hard on its hygiene and sanitation the last couple of years.

However, the country is one of the smallest in population. It is one of the most visited in Central Africa.

In 2017 from the organized efforts of WHO and UNICEF, 90% of Gabon’s urban areas had access to drinking water, but only 49% of households have access to basic sanitation services. In rural areas, availability drops significantly to 55% and 37%, respectively.

2. Tunisia

EPA score of 46.7.

Tunisia is a small Arab country in North Africa that represents the aspirations of freedom and struggles against terrorism.

Along with neighbours Algeria and Libya, it lands on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, a strategic location that has attracted Romans, Arabs, Waterman terrorists, and others over the years.

Tunisia has fought hard with policies on water, energy, and pollution over the years to solidify its position as the second cleanest country in Africa in 2021, with an API of 6.7 and a world position of 69.

1. Rwanda

EPA score of 46.7.

This country has been in the news in recent years, but how clean the country is, especially its capital city, Kigali.

Rwanda has been crowned the cleanest city in Africa for about four years in a row.

Rwanda’s government has taken several measures to ensure its cleanliness, such as banning non-biodegradable plastic bags and introducing cleaning campaigns.

All these measures by the government have made Rwanda the cleanest country in Africa.


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