[World-News] Portugal’s President Test Positive For COVID-19 Shortly Before Election


Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has tested positive for the coronavirus just two weeks before the election of a new head of state.

The 72-year-old politician from the Conservative Social Democratic Party (PSD) is running for re-election.

He is not suffering from any symptoms, but the infection is disrupting the election campaign, the Lusa news agency reported on Tuesday.

The re-election of the president in the vote on January 24, is considered likely.

Of the total of seven candidates vying for the highest state office, three have interrupted their election campaign for safety reasons, the agency reported.

Whether and how a planned debate between the candidates can take place, is currently open.

The vote on January 24, will be the 10th presidential election since the so-called Carnation Revolution, in which the leftist military overthrew an authoritarian regime with great popular support in 1974 and the country returned to democracy.



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