[World-News] Four People Dead As Destructive Flash Floods Sweep Through Bolivia After 30 Minutes Of Non Stop Storm


Following a heavy hailstorm which lasted about half an hour, some of the city’s steep streets became fast-flowing rivers.

Deadly flash floods have killed at least four people in Bolivia’s city of Sucre, according to police reports.

Water rushed down the streets dragging along cars, buses and market stalls.

The worst affected area was around the city’s largest farmers market, where drains were blocked by rubbish, making the flooding worse.

Residents said city officials should have done more to maintain the city’s storm drains during the rainy season.

Locals were caught by surprise by the hailstorm which hit the city at 18:45 local time (22:45GMT).

President Luis Arce gave his condolences to the relatives of those killed.

Interior Minister, Eduardo del Castillo said three children and three adults were still missing and seven had been injured.

At least 10 vehicles were swept away in the flash floods. Many merchants lost all their goods and several were treated in hospital for hypothermia.

Flash flooding and landslides are not unusual in Bolivia’s rainy season, which runs from November to March.

Video shows flooding along the Guillermo Loayza, a street close to the Mercado Campesino, the city’s largest market, with local media reporting that the storm lasted about 30 minutes.


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