[World-News] Algerian scholar handed 3-year jail term for “offending Islam”


Algerian scholar on Islam Said Djabelkhir says he’ll appeal the 3-year jail sentence and keep fighting for “freedom” of reasoned thought.

Said Djabelkhir, an academic who analyses Sufi Islam and is widely followed for his social media posts, left an Algiers courtroom Thursday saying he was “a professor and not an iman” and would continue his fight for reasoned thought.

He had just been sentenced to three years jail — on bail and subject to appeal — on a lawsuit based on Algerian law against “anyone who offends the Prophet or denigrates the dogmatic precepts of Islam.”

The case had been pursued by another university professor and other detractors who claimed “everything in the Quran is history, with a capital H.”

Djabelkhir, 53, who makes a distinction between religious scripture and history, had argued during the trial that he had only provided “academic reflections.”


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