Woman seen mercilessly beating up a baby with rod (Horrific Video)

A young woman, suspected to be a domestic staff, was filmed viciously beating up a baby.

In the video, the baby is seen sitting by the door unattended, with no clothes on despite it being a rainy day.

A young female, who looks like a teenager, then walks up to the door, sees the baby, and hits the baby with her hand.

As the baby cries, the teenager walks into the house, gets a rod, and begins flogging the baby on the back and bum.

The sound of the rod hitting the baby’s bone can be heard above the child’s cries.

The teenager then drags the baby into the house and lays the baby down to expose its stomach. She then proceeds to begin flogging the baby on the thighs, stomach, and head.

Later in the video, she drops the rod and uses her hands to beat the baby multiple times before kicking the baby and climbing on the baby’s stomach.

Before the video ends, she’s seen stumping on the baby’s face, stomach and thighs.

The video has sparked outrage and concerned parties are asking for help to identify the abusive woman.

See the video below. Viewers’ discretion advised.

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