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We regret voting for you – Fans Blast out Phyna for laughing over electoral violence

Big Brother Naija winner, Phyna has come under heavy fire after she made a joke out of the electoral violence being reported across the country during governorship and state house of assembly polls.

There are several incidents of voters being attacked by thugs in different parts of the country, but reports have largely centred on Lagos, Rivers state and Kaduna states.

Disgraceful, I regret voting for you - Fans lambast Phyna for laughing over electoral violence - phyna2

In reaction to the reports, Phyna took to her Twitter account to crack an insensitive joke about her neighbour being attacked and losing her eye.

She said she wanted to go and help the victim nurse her wounds, but fans did not find her comment the least bit funny.

In a now deleted tweet, the reality TV star wrote; “You all will be okay las las. My neighbour just come back now them burst her eye make I go help am press am #keep election day holy”

Disgraceful, I regret voting for you - Fans lambast Phyna for laughing over electoral violence - phyna

Her comment section was bombarded with insults and criticisms before she took down the post.

Read some comments below..

@_Mavericklad; The good thing is she will also follow us and join the queue at the fuel station to buy fuel.

@shhemona; That one is another thug . Very foolish weener.

@richardsrick85; How is that even funny. IQ is a real thing.

Tvnde4shureguy; This is very disheartening coming from a public figure. How do you say such nonsense at a time like this.

@TheIgboWolf; Phyna thinks money and fame is going to save her from Nigeria, it’s the trauma of being broke for a long time. You’d think people like this would understand what the fight is about.

@OlalekanDeji5; Always said it.She never deserved that win

nanchidinma; People are being killed and you think it’s a joke. I am disgusted

@LeTiny_; One of the worst winners of this show.

@V_nabliss; She has always been a disgrace and a disappointment ????

@franksdonald; She’s a disappointment

drreadsrichardsonf4: so disgraceful, i regret ever voting for you

@TeddywestsideVF; I hate people that choose tomfoolery in times like these

@1Cynthiafrancis; They wanted a female winner. They have one nau

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