Watch: Moment man shouted at his girlfriend after seeing her fry plantain with the skin (Video)

A Nigerian man has captured the moment he stumbled on his woman cooking an absurdity in the kitchen and it made him concerned.

The guy walked in to see her frying a full plantain with the skin still intact and he was so irritated that he shouted at her.

In a video posted online by Tunde Ednut, the girl did not bother to peel the skin neither did she even think of the need to cut it into little pieces.

He questioned his woman upon seeing her and asked what she was doing, but she interestingly responded that she is frying plantain, as if she did not know she was doing the wrong thing.

The lady also had some makeup on as she continued frying while her man queried her cooking skills. In the video caption, he said that she was the woman that his parents chose for him to marry.

Netizens however opined that it was probably staged or a skit because it was too unbelievable to be real.

Watch the video below:


sneezemankind; She should marry Timaya… plantain girl

brodashaggi; Ah! I am speechless o tf . This one fit fry beans and noodles o

kleverjay; No no no she never ripe, go back to mummy and learn o.

weirdmcofficial; Nooooo this can’t be real

youngshaggii; Wife material 2 million yards

iamdx2; Awon Big brother fans .. Fry plantain she fry even the shell join am ..and she go sabi eat the real plantain after she remove the shell

itzkingsnow; Has to be a prank because what?

prime_d_vibe; This one na skit na…..

djreeves_uk8701; Set awon wife material you are doing well

iam_kelvinossai; This one fit cook person destiny like this, cos wetin be this?

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