[VIDEO] We’re Going to a Pumpkin Patch – CoComelon  Nursery Rhymes (DOWNLOAD)

It’s another  amazing episode of  CoComelon Nursery Rhymes on Emeraldloaded tittled “We’re Going to a Pumpkin Patch ”  this  is another nursery rhyme that has captured the hearts of children and the whole family.

These wonderful and educative episode of CoComelon  Nursery Rhymes will take your kids to a wonder world, it comes With catchy tunes, colorful animations, and adorable characters, this rendition of the classic song takes kids on a fun and educational journey.

It goes like:  We’re Going to a Pumpkin Patch, We’re Going to a Pumpkin Patch! We’re We’re gonna get a big one, We’re gonna get a big one! Hahaha just scroll down, watch and listen with your kids. Here children learn about fun and having a good time during the Halloween.

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CoComelon’s playful approach to learning makes this nursery rhyme a favorite for teaching kids about transportation while keeping them entertained.

It’s no wonder that “We’re Going to a Pumpkin Patch” remains a beloved classic in the world of children’s songs. 

Hahaha Funny and surprisingly CoComelon  Nursery Rhymes  is fun to adults  too.

Video Source:  CoComelon Nursery Rhymes 

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