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UNIJOS student stabbed by female neighbour for ‘making noise’

A University of Jos student identified as Julius Nember, is fighting for his life in hospital after he was allegedly stabbed by a female neighbour. 

 It was gathered that the incident happened on Friday morning, January 12, 2024.

 According to Facebook user, Krayzeetee Atuu, who spoke to the victim’s family members, trouble started after the suspect, also a UNIJOS student, claimed that Julius and his friend were making noise and locked Julius and his friend in his room with a padlock from outside. 

 She later gave someone else the key to open the door when Julius and his friend got angry. 

When Julius confronted the suspect over her action she allegedly stabbed him in the chest with a knife. 

 “This is Julius Nember known as Jay Fresh. He is a Benue Indigene studying at university of Jos and a brother to Sharks Francis OrCarpenter

 Julius was stabbed this morning in the chest by an angry female neighbour,” Atuu wrote.

 “The doctors have already packed out 4 bags of blood from his internally bleeding chest as you can see from the other picture and they are taking him for theatre now.

 “This is how it happened as narrated by his sister in law Kierra Kerria Kells De Legendary-Wife and her hubby.

 “Julius was in his room with his friend and a female neighbor who is Jos girl and student of Uni Jos, felt they were making noise so she came with her padlock straight and locked them inside with padlock and left. 
“When they got angry and started reacting inside, the lady neighbor gave someone else the key to open them out and went back inside.

“Coming outside, Julius and his friend approached her door to ask her why she behaved that way but instead, the lady came out with a knife, stabbed Julius who was in front in the chest and went back inside.

“As I am talking to you now, they have already packed 4 bags of blood from Julius chest and he is been prepared for the theatre.

“Meanwhile, the lady neighbor that stabbed him is in police custody. As we pray for him, let’s not forget the fact that a lot of people are not normal in this world and be very cautious.”

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