Troops ‘uncover 14 illegal oil refining sites’ in Rivers

The joint task force of Operation Delta Safe (OPDS) reveals the discovery of 14 illicit crude oil refining sites in Rivers based on intelligence information.

OPDS Commander John Okeke emphasizes plans to destroy the illegal refining site on Ataba Island near Bonny Island.

While no arrests have been made, Okeke asserts the commitment of the joint operation to prevent the Niger Delta from becoming a sanctuary for criminals.

“We are going to make it very hot for them with the help of the Navy, Army, Air Force, Police, NSCDS, the DIA, amongst others,” Okeke said.

“Nobody wins alone without collaboration. With team work, we are going to achieve a lot in the fight against illegal bunkering and pipeline vandalism.

“Today we are in Ataba Island, close to Bonny Island, Rivers state, moving towards Akwa Ibom.

“What we discovered here is shocking. About 14 massive cooking sites, one of them is still hot and they must have pulled out on the arrival of the troops.”

The commander also said the OPDS would sustain surveillance and take out economic saboteurs in the region.

“We are sustaining what my predecessor did and I want to thank God that within 24 hours we are able to achieve this feat. It shows that we are performing our duty,” he added.

Okeke advised criminals operating in the area to go into legitimate businesses, warning that those engaged in pipeline vandalism and illegal bunkering would never find peace.

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