The pain of petrol subsidy removal will be over – President Tinubu assures Nigerians (video)

President Tinubu has said that despite the pains Nigerians are experiencing as a result of the removal of fuel subsidy, things will get better. 

The President gave the assurance in Imo state where he attended the inauguration of the state governor for a second term on Monday, January 15.

Speaking to guests at the inauguration, the President said;

‘’You have gone through twists and turns of democracy, You have been through some aspects of hard decisions. 

Each time I watch the news and see one pain or the order associated with the removal of subsidy, just remember that among you, your families are pregnant people . The day of birth is the day of pain. You go through the labour pain, When you hear the voice of the baby, your pains are gone and your are relieved. Nigeria is at it.

 The last 40 years, some very few people were cornering our common wealth, calling it subsidy, I call it wasteful and thievery. But right now, we are going through the pain, We are sharing that pain. I am here to guarantee you that hope, things are looking up, things are getting better and it will get greater and better for the common good of the Nigerian public. We just need to work hard. Be more patient, persevere and have consistency in governance.‘’

Watch the video of him speaking below…

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