The Economy is getting harder – Lagos banker drops note as she commits su!c!de inside the bank Restroom

Amarachi was discovered dead inside the bank’s staff restroom

Amarachi Ugochukwu, a member of a bank’s marketing team in Lagos State, took his own life.

On Monday, January 8, Amarachi was discovered dead inside the bank’s staff restroom in the Ikorodu region of the state, according to law enforcement sources.

The same day the incident occurred, the bank manager reported it to the police. The bank manager stated that when her late colleague Amarachi’s phone was discovered ringing nonstop on her table and she did not answer, her coworkers started looking for her.

At the Force headquarters in Abuja, ACP Muyiwa Adejobi, the police spokesperson, issued the warning while escorting a few suspects.

When it was discovered that one of the office’s restrooms had been locked from the inside and nobody had been using it, it had to be forced open.

Her corpse was discovered on the ground next to a container of insecticide that she had apparently swallowed in order to end her life.

Beside her was also a suicide note in which she bemoaned the awfulness of her life. After being contacted, a physician verified her passing.

When police investigators got on the scene, they transported the corpse to the Ikorodu General Hospital, where her remains are anticipated to undergo an autopsy.

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