Teenage boys nabbed for stealing Mercedes Benz worth N18M in Abuja

Two young boys have been apprehended after they allegedly stole a Mercedes Benz E400 in the Federal Capital Territory.

A car dealer known as @alamin_ghost on Twitter made this known in a post on his page as he noted that the car is worth about N18 million.

He shared a photo of the two suspects at a police station in Abuja and disclosed that the expensive car has been recovered.

The auto dealer als claimed that one of the young boy had a prior arrest for selling fake dollars to bureau de change operators.

He wrote; ”These small boys stole a Benz e400 worth roughly around 18m from a car dealer in Abuja some days ago but Alhamdulilah the car was just recovered.

NOTE: the guy in the jallab was once arrested for selling fake dollars to bereau de change operators, This isn’t his first time He wasn’t just lucky this time 99 days for the thief one day for the owner.”

Nigerians on social media were displeased with the news of the incident because they are small boys, but they said tht if found guilty, justice should take its full course.

@CaptainNikee; Whatever their reason, the law should take its course. Lady justice is blind

@MaryAnnOmonze; Parents need to do better, pay extra attention to your kids. There’s total lack of discipline, content or morals in young people these days and it’s scary

@DigosonJaypee; Lemme get it..2005..? Pple weh nvr reach to enter prison de commit 18M+ worth of crime.. Omo..where exactly are we headed

@BDannasir; See ehn, no matter how hard the parents try, once the source of their income is not legit, it always impact on the kids

@Arc_Bichi; They’re products of what Abuja promotes.. (fake life/acquisition of riches at all costs).

@SaddamKwaiith; That guy in jallabiya, Yana Nile University and His dad is doing very well but he doesn’t give the boy alot of money don yaron bashi da hankali, recently he was arrested for dubbing Bureau the change man for About 2 Million naira, “dude sole a fake dollar’s for him”

@ZeeMoh_; His dad is a good man. He confronted him and brought the car back then took his son to the station The car was stolen on Sunday.

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