Teacher gor caught in the act, eating his student’s food (Watch)

There have been reported cases of parents complaining that their kids teachers’ eat the food given to them to take to school.

While they remained as allegations in the past, a video which surfaced online, captures the rare moment a teacher was caught in the act.

In the viral clip, a male teacher could seen eating his student’s food in class and he was completely oblivious of the fact that he was being filmed.

The moment he raised up his head with a mouthful, he felt embarrassed when his eyes met the camera focusing on him.

The tutor immediately turned his back in a bid to hide his face from being exposed even though it was too late. The incident stirred reactions from netizens who found his action amusing.

Watch the video below:


voc.sun; Some students food dey tempting jare, no vex ????

pretty_ginii; It might be that child doesn’t like eating so he is helping out with the food ????
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dj_joe_silver; Parents self go Garnish food any how give children in front of their teachers

t4telma_; So he can’t even lift the plate from the table,he had to bend nd fall food anyhow like agbaya?

thedigitalbash; It’s crazy how some people lose all sense of common sense and morality when they see food.

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