[Sport] Real Madrid president Florentino mocked by UEFA president Ceferin


UEFA president Alexander Ceferin has mocked Real Madrid president Florentino Perez following his unsuccessful bid to convince European teams to join the Super League.

Real Madrid together with other eleven teams had agreed to join the league which was set to replace the UEFA Champions League but the plan fell through following fans unrest.

Chelsea meets Real Madrid, both who had agreed to join the league, meet in the Champions League semis next week and Ceferin was asked if there is a chance it won’t be played.

“The key is that this season has already started, so broadcasters would come at us for damages if we don’t play the semi-finals. So, there’s a relatively small possibility that this match isn’t played next week. But, things could be a little different in the future,” he said, responding to that question on Slovenian TV, on 24UR.

Asked about Perez’s comments about not wanting a UEFA president like Ceferin, the UEFA supremo said: “Well, that’s more incentive for me to stay.

“He wants a president who obeys whatever he says, who listens to him and who does what he thinks. I do what I think is good for European and world football.”


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