[Sport] PSG Attacker, Neymar Named The most Searched Player On Google In 2020


The Brazilian is one of the most prominent players in world football and according to stats released by SEMrush, the former Barcelona man retains this “title” with the same company finding the same thing in 2019.

Paris Saint Germain attacker Neymar Junior was the most googled player in the past year.

According to the stats, Neymar was searched for on average 482,636 times a month in 2020. Juventus and Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo came second with an average of 325,909 searches with former Nyemar teammate Lionel Messi falling down to ninth with a monthly search average of 118,545.

French superstar Kylian Mbappe came sixth after managing 147,955 searches a month.  


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