[Sport] Porto coach : Our most expensive player cost 10 times less than Havertz


FC Porto head coach Sergio Conceicao has begun a war of words ahead of their Champions League clash with Chelsea on Wednesday.

Conceicao believes his side are the underdogs heading into the game after claiming that their most expensive player cost them ten times less than Chelsea’s summer signing Kai Haverts.

“Obviously we look at Chelsea and see that these weekly tests are much more competitive than ours. You can see that Chelsea’s games are all extremely difficult, and that’s an advantage for them.

“Anyway, when you enter the field, you don’t think that we spent 25million Euros and Chelsea 250million. We will not think that Evanilson was the most expensive player, at 8million, and the most expensive player in Chelsea was (Kai) Havertz, at 80.

“On the field, it’s 11 against 11, with a strategy defined according to each team’s idea of play. There may be one or another variant of the game to face this opponent specifically, but from there on there is nothing impossible. Everything is possible,” he said on his Tuesday presser.

The Portuguese side will hope that they can replicate their last 16 outing in the competition where they eliminated Italian giants Juventus despite having been given less chance to do so.


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