[Sport] Manchester United Fans Protest Against Glazer Family Outside Team Bus At Lowry Hotel


Outside the team’s bus at the Lowry Hotel, Manchester United fans are chanting against the Glazer family.

In Sunday’s 6:30 pm (EAT) kick-off at Old Trafford, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side will face Liverpool, and about 10,000 supporters are expected to gather outside the stadium to express their displeasure with the club’s American owners.

It comes after an organized demonstration last week in which an American flag was burned and anti-Glazer posters were displayed. However, video of a large group of fans directly outside the Lowry with flares has emerged ahead of the planned protest later today.

The supporters can be heard chanting slogans against their much-maligned owners, despite the presence of police, as they continue to express their displeasure.


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