[Sport] English Premier League Announce Alarming Rise Of New Covid-19 Positive Cases

The league revealed the latest figures on Tuesday, announcing 1311 players and club staff tested between December 28 and 31, 28 came back positive for the virus.  In tests on 984 players and staff carried out between January 1 and 3 there were a further 12 positives, the league said.

Premier League has recorded forty positive coronavirus cases over the two rounds of testing in late December and early January.

It is understood the bulk of the positives related to the three postponed fixtures over the period involving Manchester City and Fulham.

“The Premier League is now testing players and club staff twice per week and can today confirm that between Monday 28 December and Thursday 31 December, 1,311 players and club staff were tested for COVID-19,” a statement from the league read.

“Of these, there were 28 new positive tests. Between Friday 1 January and Sunday 3 January, 984 players and club staff were tested for COVID-19 and of these, there were 12 new positives.”

At 40, it is more than double the 18 cases that were confirmed the previous week.


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