[Sport] Away goals rule to be scrapped from next season’s Champions League


European football governing body UEFA is set to scrap the away goal rule in the coming season with the ruling only applying within 90 minutes.

According to The Sun, away goals will count only during the regular 90 minutes of play, with no advantage once a tie has reached extra time.

The away goal rule has received divergent opinions over the season in UEFA Competitions and according to the reports, the proposed changes will be discussed at a meeting of UEFA’s competitions committee,

The proposals have been backed by Europe’s leading clubs, though a plan to scrap the away goals rule entirely has been rejected. The ruling comes amid major chances for club football’s biggest competitions with expansion plans for the Champions League accelerating and expected to be passed.

The new format will see teams in the competitions playing 10 group stage fixtures, the results of which will be placed in a 36-team league table with the top 16 qualifying for the knockout stages.


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