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Signs and wonders, Nigerian pastor raises baby from the dead (Video)

A video making the rounds on social media captures the moment a Nigerian pastor performed signs and wonders on a baby that reportedly died.

The man of God brought the deceased baby back to life and this amazed the mother as well as other members of the church.

In the trending video, the clergyman could be seen carrying the baby in his arms and rubbing his hand on the ground to gather some dirt which he then placed on the child’s forehead.

He then prayed for the child to be revived and stated; “We don’t bury babies here, commanding the baby to cry and come back to life immediately”.

The pastor further used the power vested in him to breath “the breath of God” upon the baby, soon after the child starts breathing.

He informed the congregation that the baby has already is already breathing and is alive and well. The cleric congratulated the mother and handed the baby over to her to breastfeed.

Watch the video below:

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