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Public officials in Benin Republic reportedly take oath of office with ‘Voodoo’ [Watch video]

A video making the rounds on social media shows military officers recently appointed into government allegedly taking their oath of office with traditional African religion.

The public officials were made to swear on assumption of office using traditional means instead of the norm which is swearing with a Bible or Quran.

In the clip, the Beninese men who were on uniform were made to take turns in the oath which entailed having a snake placed around their neck.

One by one, they came forward while some believed to be a traditionalist placed the snake around them.

The country’s decision to swear their officials into office with black magic rituals, was met with mixed reactions on social media.

Sharing the video, a consultant, @RealOlaudah wrote: “Benin Republic officials taking oath of office using black magic rituals. Would this method rather work in Nigeria and effectively curb corruption in public service?”

People have already started clamouring for the same to be replicated in Nigeria and other African countries as a measure to curb corruption.

Watch the video below:

@ochykez_; Them will bribe the black magic. No be today, I remember they carried one governor to shrine baba still default ????

@murphyayo2; If it is true, i personally think it is a welcome development. At least we can’t blame the gods.

@BabatundeOsh; Nigerian governments go colobi the process and nothing go happen

@ScorpioAmplexus; Yes it would because they are already ping something similar in the cult houses.

@IfyMK ;This is nonsense, it surely won’t. Even if they use the worst voodoo, it won’t. They should enforce our laws without favoritism.

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