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Prankster runs for his dear life after playing rough prank on soldier (Video)

This Guy played a prank on a military officer in public and thought he could go scot free but it nearly ended in disaster for him.

He walked up to the soldier and handed him a piece of paper which had something insulting written on it.

After giving him the paper, he briskly walked away as the military man was opening the paper which read; ”This khaki dey make some of una feel like super hero”

After reading the words, he looked up towards the pranksters direction and had a furious expression all over his face.

The prankster could be seen running away with speed to avoid being chased by the soldier.

He revealed that the Army man eventually engaged him in a hot pursuit and caught up, so he had to beg to be released.

Watch the prank below:

Similarly A Nigerian military officer has been captured on tape getting into a scuffle with an armed police officer.

The Army man and his colleagues were accosting the policeman at a military checkpoint for reasons yet to be ascertained.

They were having an argument and it escalated into a physical fight as one of the military officers and the policeman wrestled themselves to the ground.The dramatic event was recorded by eyewitnesses who were inside the car while the security officers who were in uniform fought in public.

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