POWER OUTAGE: Taraba Residents Now Use Clay Pots To Cool Water and Softdrinks

Due to persistent power outages, residents in Taraba State, including Jalingo, are using clay pots to cool beverages

Clay pot vendors are experiencing increased demand, leading to higher prices for these traditional containers in the market

In response to persistent power outages, residents of Jalingo, the capital of Taraba State, and other areas in the state have resorted to using clay pots as an alternative method to cool their beverages.

Reports indicate that sellers of clay pots are experiencing increased demand, which is raising the price of these traditional containers.

Jummai Adamu, a clay pot vendor at Tashan Lau market in Jalingo, noted the surge in sales attributed to the intense heat exacerbated by the lack of electricity. She disclosed that she now sells over 50 pots daily, a significant increase compared to previous months.

Explaining the utility of clay pots, Jummai highlighted their effectiveness in cooling water and soft drinks, serving as a substitute for refrigeration during power outages.

Echoing Jummai’s observations, another pot seller named Adama confirmed the heightened demand for clay pots due to the prevailing power outage and extreme heat. Adama revealed that the prices of these pots have increased, with a large-sized pot now selling for N6,000, while medium-sized pots range from N1,400 to N3,500. Despite the price hike, more people are flocking to purchase these pots.

Abubakar Sani, a resident of Jalingo, emphasized the reliability of clay pots for cooling beverages, citing their independence from electricity. In light of frequent power failures, clay pots emerge as a dependable alternative for maintaining refreshments at a cool temperature.

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