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Pastor reveals what he saw about TapSwap, warns people to be careful

Prophet West Emmanuel, a Nigerian pastor and the head of Giants World Ministries, has revealed a disturbing prophesy concerning the famous cryptocurrency project Tapswap.

Tapswap Server Breaks Down Due to Overcrowding from NigeriaIn a Facebook post, he advised Nigerians to quit spending time mining Tapswap, anticipating that Tapswap would not create considerable value.

Prophet Emmanuel referred to his earlier correct predictions about the dollar nearly exchanging for N2000 and the emergence and collapse of Icecoin, implying that Tapswap will suffer a similar fate.

He also predicted volatility in the cryptocurrency market and warned that the government will soon take action against Telegram mining.

However, he voiced confidence in other popular cryptocurrency projects, such Yescoin and Hamster Kombat, expecting that they will perform well.

Why you should stop wasting your time on TapSwap, Notcoin


I’m not seeing this generate great value.

Trust me I’m telling you right now

It will shock everyone

If you recall my prophecy on ice coin how it would pump and fall so messy

This one too is like that.

The one you think wouldn’t be of great value Hamster Kombat will do well.

YESCOIN will do well too.

Generally the crypto world would experience a fall

But there’s going to be a massive rise.

Recall I told us how dollars would come so close to 2000 naira per 1 dollar and then a massive fall and then a shoot up again.

Don’t sell your dollars it’s going to push like whirlwind.

Those on wikicat ahhh towards the end of this year don’t expect it to rise much we are looking at another year.

But you see tapswap it’s going to be a mess.

As a matter of fact even the government would start resisting against telegram minings.

Some would even get banned on telegram

Anyway just like I said last year, 2024 millionaires would rise from crypto.”

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