Nothing Can Stop Our Divine Mandate To Get Biafra Republic –IPOB

The Enugu State Commissioner of Police has been warned by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) not to involve them in matters they are unaware of.

The group issued the warning while refuting the police commissioner’s claim that the Eastern Security Network (ESN), the security network for IPOB, has a camp in the Enugu Ezike region of Enugu State.

IPOB claimed that the individuals discovered in the aforementioned camp must be those the government hired to demonise and destroy the group and its security network in a statement released by its media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, on Tuesday.

In the statement, IPOB said, “We the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wish to state clearly to Enugu State Police Commissioner and their personnel that ESN has no camp in Enugu Ezike and anywhere around that area.

“Nigeria Police should stop dragging IPOB into something we know nothing about because of their unwarranted hatred against IPOB members and ESN Operatives.

“The people in the said camp must be those the Government recruited thinking they will demonise and destroy IPOB-ESN. The dogs they recruited have started chasing them and will pursue them till they crumble and become exhausted.

“ESN under IPOB-DOS don’t go after those who have no problem with us or our people. We remain a peaceful movement seeking freedom from Nigeria State and can only go after murderous Fulani terrorists in our bushes. Pursuing Police and other Security Agents operating in Enugu State or Biafraland is not our problem because we are fully committed to the restoration of Biafra freedom and independence.

“The criminals the government created to demonise the IPOB movement worldwide have come against them. They will pursue their sponsors to their early graves.

“The Police should stop deceiving the public because what they demanded from the market is what they got. IPOB is only focused on Biafra freedom and not on compromised Nigeria security agents.

“Continuous linking of IPOB on their own sponsored atrocities in the East will not help the government, instead they will regret why they indulged in such hiring and sponsoring of the criminal gangs in the East.

“For the love of our people, the IPOB leadership through ESN has helped to clean some of the mess the Nigerian Government sponsored criminals have created. Nevertheless, the only solution to stopping these criminal gangs is for the Fulani-led Government and the state governors in the East to stop sponsoring cult gangs to demonise IPOB because they can’t stop IPOB in this Divine mandate to restore Biafra.”


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