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Nigerian man buys car for his dog in celebration of its birthday (Video)

A Nigerian man, Doktor Skidon, has spent millions of naira throwing a lavish birthday party for his dog and buying it a car.

The guy hosted friends at his home when the dog turned a new age and the highlight of the day was when he presented the celebrant with its new car.

In a video circulating on social media, the dog owner and his friends could be seen showering it with wads of cash after putting a shirt on the animal’s body.

There was also a cake cutting session and Doktor Skidon helped his dog to divide the confectionary into two with a knife. The dog danced and rolled on the floor as they were spraying it cash.

When they were done indoors, the party was taken outside to the garage where the car parked.

He refers to the dog as his son and decided to buy the vehicle in its name.

He ushered the dog into the whip and showed off the document’s proving that the car was registered with the dog’s name.

Watch the video below:

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