Nigerian Entertainment Industry Needs To Be Decentralised – MI Abaga

Hip Hop star and music executive, Jude Abaga, popularly known as MI, said the entertainment industry needs to be decentralised

He said artistes face rejection a lot and and it turns to hopelessness as negativity begins to seep in and there is no support in sight.

Speaking in a recent interview, MI Abaga said it gets worse when the artiste becomes successful because they the turn to using drugs.

He said; “Creatives are generally more at risk of mental health challenges to the extent that even when we are in the middle of it, there is no support. We face a lot of rejection, hopelessness and negativity. Yet, when one becomes successful, it gets even worse.

The problem is so big and many artists are turning to drug abuse. We need to tackle the issue collectively to find ways to help creatives in Nigeria and Africa when faced with rejection.”

Furthermore, the African Rapper crooner opines that a major way to develop the country through the entertainment industry is by decentralising the creative sector.

He said; “The entertainment industry needs to be decentralised for it to really develop. Take South Africa for instance, if I want to shoot a film, it is probably better to go to Cape Town, and if I want to shoot a music video, I would go to Johannesburg. The more we develop in different areas, the better the country gets.

“Also, in the United States of America, there are places like Atlanta, New York, Texas that have thriving entertainment hubs, and in the United Kingdom, there are places like London and Liverpool.

“But, in Nigeria, we only have Lagos and there is a drop off. However, places like Plateau State can really develop and be a part of the industry. For people like me, who have been in the industry for a while, and have had the opportunity to learn, this is a great time to give back, and I’m starting from Jos.”

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