Native doctor sends hundreds of yahoo boys to ‘special river for blessings’ (Watch video)

A group of suspected internet fraudsters have been instructed to visit a river god in a local community in order to actualise their dream of becoming rich.

A native doctor reportedly instructed them to go to the special river with some items like candle, handkerchief, oil, and pray for the god of water to bless their yahoo business.

In a video which has gone viral on social media, a large crowd of young boys could be seen heading to the location together.

One of them captured on tape, the moment they reached the river, lit up the candles and began reciting the incantations that were relayed to them by the spiritualist.

A part of the clip also showed when the native doctor was sending them forth with instructions on what to do.

Popular Twitter user, @chude__ who uploaded the clip, condemned the act of engaging in fraud and ritual practices.

He wrote; “These are the young people that are going back to Omenani, internet Scammers doing all sort of things with the hope of prosperity promised to them by Fraudulent Native doctors.

When we are done deceiving ourselves, we will go into the street and meet these monsters we made.”

Watch the video below:

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