Music: Halima – G-4 DA BISHOP X Nyitse Desmond @gazakure


An Afro uplifting track with burst possessive inspiration gathering YORUBA, Igala, Tiv and Nigerian ‘s deep trado-cultural Game Osu’ 
Halima Remix 
G-4 DA BISHOP X Oxygen (Nyitse Desmond) was first sang by Oxygen and remixed with G -4 da bishop in 2018.

G-4 DA BISHOP has these to say;

“We were meant for each other, that is why i am putting you in the know how i feel about you, You apear tall and confident, Your beauty is what makes me more appalled.

For I have never seen such beauty in our time frame…. I think u came from space on a mission to captivate my emotion… “

Halima Omaigbele

Produced by: kezzklef 
Mixed and mastered by youngpee 
Song was Written by Nyitse Desmond and G-4 DA BISHOP 
Song Recorded in 2018, with Gaza Kure, Nyitse Desmond, Fanuchi, Deszcent, ozJhay, Jane, Ogira, Mufasa, Martha Adah, Riel C, were in the studio during session, supervised by Sheks Kure.

Vocals by G-4 DA BISHOP and Nyitse Desmond 
G4db music /Quarter Milli

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