Mourners seen flogging relative’s corpse during funeral (Video)

A video which has stirred mixed reactions captures the moment mourners were exerting discipline on a deceased relative’s corpse.

The incident happened in an African country as part of the funeral rites.

The could be seen taking turns with a cane to flog the corpse which was inside an open coffin.

It was gathered that it is a common occurrence if the deceased committed suicide and the act of caning the body is usually done to ward off the spirit of suicide in the community.

In the clip, the mourners were moments away from lowering the casket into the grave when they paused and decided to all flog the corpse.

Watch the video below:


Reacting, don_miko92 wrote; Finally this one no go rest in peace

igboechiemma; The black man and superstition.

christian_valesteros; Bro owes money ????

yseltmbalami; They only beat up a corpse if he killed himself

mapulangakalungu07; Sad affairs indeed ????????????????????????????

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